What in Procrastination


The ongoing Twitter trend of the past month has been creating various versions of the phrase ‘what in tarnation.’ As a student at a fairly conservative university, whose chapel theme for the semester is reconciliation, I chuckle at the amount of retweets the kid who posted ‘what in reconciliation’ over our chaplains photo received.

Now, my post tonight is not so much about Twitter, my college, or even what tarnation really means. Tonight, as I am under a time crunch to finish writing, I want to talk about procrastination (fitting, right?). Whether you are a college student like me or out in the real world, we all can relate to being under pressure or racing against the clock to finish a project or task.

If I said I am one of those students who finishes all of her homework ahead of time, I would be telling the lie of all lies. I have to explain, though, that I would love to be that student who is stress free because they are done with tasks in advance. Unfortunately I have mastered the art of procrastination.

As a student will many responsibilities, I feel as though I am hustling to finish one task after another by deadlines each day. I had the feeling this would change after my crazy student lifestyle was over, but my elders have assured me this simply isn’t the case, and sometimes the craziest may even get worse, especially is children are added to the mix.

I must secretly enjoy the adrenaline rush which comes along with getting things done right on time because I can’t seem to stop myself from doing it. Even if I had more than enough time to finish something, I would find other tasks to complete to postpone the one item I am being forced to complete due to time. This makes me reflect back to a time as a freshmen when I wasted approximately three hours watching YouTube videos of people falling before writing a paper due the next day.

As a student and professional, we are going to be faced with deadlines; there is no avoiding them. I choose today to stop being the one who turns in the assignment at 11:58, when it’s due at 11:59. I choose today to stop wasting time thinking about how long a task is going to take to complete, when I could have completed it in the time I took to think about how long it was going to take. I choose today to lower my blood pressure by attempting to finish assignments/projects in advance. Let’s face it, I’m not getting any younger, and this body won’t be able to take this type of stress for too much longer.

In PR specifically, time is an asset and a threat to an organization’s reputation. If feedback isn’t given immediately after a crisis, business leaders can kiss their positive reputation goodbye. When the opposite happens, timely feedback, quickly issued apologies, or early information releases could be the breaking point for reputaion redemption.

Choose TODAY to become unfamiliar with the term procrastination. Choose today to retire from being the adrenaline junkie of your school or workplace. Become the person who calls out other procrastinators and offer them a better way of living. Become the first one to call out a friend with the phrase ‘what i procrastination.’ You will be respected.


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